Our visit to Dulas Glamping, Wales

This property visit was a different one for us, it’s the first time we also had a puppy in tow! We recently welcomed a new member of the family after several years of research and preparation in to getting a puppy that we hope will become a therapy dog for Luca. We hope that Thawne will help with the increasingly debilitating anxiety that Luca suffers with.

Preparing for a property visit always starts as soon as we have a set date with the property owner so that we can prepare Luca as much in advance as possible. We are lucky that travelling long distances has never really been a problem for Luca, as long as he has his comforts and his coping mechanisms. The main area of worry for Luca is the new and different locations, as well as sleeping in a different place. We know this can be difficult for many autistic children and adults, which is why we visit each holiday home personally so that we can help other families prepare as much as possible before their stay.

We scheduled in lots of breaks on the way, both for Luca and Thawne, so it was around 7pm when we arrived at Dulas. Our drive through Wales gave us some of the most beautiful sights and views that we have had the pleasure to see in our 3 years of carrying out these visits, however they seemed to pale in to the background once we saw the views from our glamping hut! 

Pippa and Dafyyd had very kindly offered to accommodate us at Hafan Y Mynnyndd, (which translates to “The Mountain Haven” in English) and the views over to the mountains were absolutely stunning! 

As we pulled up to the entrance gate, our first thought was how big the car park area is, but that was short lived when we got out of the car to the amazing scenes in front of us. The hut is located at the top of a hill, on farmland which is owned by Pippa and Dafyyd. As we drove up to the hut, we could see that the accommodation was actually 2 shepherd huts together to make a much larger space inside for families. As you enter the hut you step in to the kitchen and sitting area. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you expect from a self catering holiday home, as well as a huge welcome pack of food and drinks which we were very grateful for after a long journey. Luca was particularly happy to see the croissants and chocolate spread, as chocolate croissants are his “property visit breakfast” of choice! We loved the fresh milk, yogurts, fresh eggs, bread, butter, and waffles. Wine is also supplied!

Stepping through from the kitchen we found the sleeping area and allowed Luca to decide where he wanted to sleep. He was spoilt for choice on this visit as Hafan Y Mynnyndd offers a kingsize bed (which can be split in to twin beds) as well as a single bed, and 2 fantastic Sensory Sleeping Pods! We really liked how spacious the sleeping area was, even with all of Luca’s comfort toys and pillows! After a quick look around inside, we took Thawne outside for a run around. The hut is located in a huge field, however there is a 6 foot wire fence that runs around a smaller section of the field making it a secure place for Thawne to run without us worrying about him escaping off to terrorise the sheep! The underside of the hut is also covered so he couldn’t get underneath and escape which was also really great. 

Sleeping area

After a run around the field, Thawne settled in his bed for a sleep while we made dinner. The kitchen offers an induction hob, microwave, toaster and stove top kettle, as well as all of the pots, pans and utensils needed. After dinner we all took advantage of the large wetroom style bathroom so we could all get ready for bed. 

Sitting area and Bathroom

The bathroom leads off the kitchen/sitting area and as we walked through to the sleeping area, we noticed just how amazing the night sky looked! With no light pollution, Dulas offers a truly dark skies experience, and we were so lucky to have a clear night so that we could see the never ending expanse of stars. it really was breathtaking so we sat outside for a while just watching the stars.

After enjoying the night time stargazing, we took the chance to get a good look at the sensory sleeping pods which are a fantastic idea! The pods are like enclosed bunkbeds which have been fitted with starry sky ceilings which twinkle different colours and are remote controlled. The bottom pod also has padded walls around the tip part of the bed making it more of a safe space bed for children who may benefit from that environment.

Starry ceiling inside sleeping pods

There are no internal doors inside the hut (with the exception of the bathroom door) however there are 2 heavy blackout curtains that work really well. One is used in the sleeping area to separate it from the kitchen so to block out any morning light from the patio doors. The second is used on the side door (which during the day gives amazing views of the mountains from the kingsize bed) to block any light coming in from the window.

After a really good nights sleep, we decided to take a trip to the local town to stock up in some shopping. Given its remote location, you would think we would be miles away from the closest shop, however you will find Machynlleth just a 10 minute drive away from Dulas! There are lots of shops including a co-op, spar (With a Greggs bakery) and a chip shop!

We travelled back to Hafan Y Mynnyndd as Luca is a bit of a homebody and once comfortable somewhere, he likes to stay there. We played chess with Luca and laughed at Thawne throwing himself down the little grass hill over and over again. After dinner we took a short walk up to the farm where we found Luca’s favourite farm animals…pigs! Pippa and Dafyyd also allow guests to help with lamb feeding in spring too! 

We felt so relaxed at Dulas and we already miss the amazing views. Thawne misses the secure outdoor space that he loved running around in and Luca felt really at home with the lights in the sensory pods, as well as the additional toys that Pippa and Dafyyd provide. The free wifi also meant that Luca was able to use his ipad which he relies on for reliving anxiety when feeling overwhelmed. Thank you to Pippa and Dafyyd for a fantastic stay!

For full information about Hafan Y Mynnyndd please visit the description page on our website here: