Our Team

As a charity we are governed by a team of trustees. Trustees play a pivotal role in the governance and management of a charity and we are lucky to have such a fantastic team here at Spectrum Holidays. Our trustees and advisors help shape the services we offer and help drive the charity forward. You can read about each of them below!

Sophia Ainsworth – Co Founder, Chair of Trustees and Funding Manager

Sophia co founded Spectrum Holidays 3 years ago with Malcolm and continues to work on the operational side of the charity as an unpaid trustee. Sophia and Malcolm have always been passionate about creating inclusive holiday environments for autistic people and have always gone above and beyond to help families enjoy successful and enjoyable holidays together. Sophia says “Converting Spectrum Holidays in to a charity is the ultimate dream come true. It means we can reach more families and help make holidays even more accessible to the people that need them most. I am so proud of the work Spectrum has done so far and can’t wait to see what we all achieve in the future”

Malcolm Cain – Co Founder, Trustee, Finance officer and Secretary

Malcolm Co founded Spectrum Holidays with Sophia, 3 years ago following their experiences trying to find suitable holiday accommodation for their autistic son. Malcolm shares Sophia’s passion for promoting inclusion and accessibility and while he has taken on an unpaid trustee position on the board, Malcolm will continue to support Sophia in the operational side of the charity. Malcolm says “Spectrum is something that is very close to my heart and is shaped by the experiences that I have had with Sophia and Luca. I am very excited to for the future of Spectrum Holidays and look forward to seeing what we can achieve.”

Kayleigh Bell – Treasurer and Trustee

Kayleigh is a mum of 2 and is a specialist FE teacher, and currently teaches full time at a small inclusive post 16 provision in Newcastle. Kayleigh has always been passionate about campaigning to make the world more inclusive, and her undergraduate research on social inclusion for people with additional communication needs was presented at an international conference in 2016. Kayleighs favourite thing to do is to go on holiday, and she is thrilled to be part of Spectrum Holidays!

Marianne Allan – Safeguarding Officer and Trustee

Marianne is a headteacher and Senco at a local primary school and is mum to 2 neurodiverse children so has lived experience of the difficulties our families can face. Marianne says ” As a parent of 2 autistic children I understand the difficulties around accessibility that is often faced by families when thinking of booking a holiday. I am happy to be a trustee with Spectrum Holidays and look forward to helping make the holiday process easier!

Ross Stanton – Safeguarding Lead and Trustee.

Ross is North Tyneside based local business owner who is originally from Yorkshire. Ross is a talented Tattoo artist and as a Neurodivergent adult, understands the need for inclusive environments and is passionate about championing accessibility. Ross lives with his partner Courtney and their menagerie of pets, including; tarantulas, turtles, Guinea Pigs, dogs and skinks! Ross says “Helloo I’m Ross and I’m incredibly proud and honoured to be apart of Spectrum Holidays! I always strive to do my best at things and my charity work will be no different. Thank you for this opportunity and I really hope we as a team can do some good!”

Courtney Darcy Ross – Trustee

Courtney is the owner of a North Tyneside based salon which has been specifically set up to cater for the mental health needs of her community. Courtney understands the need for inclusion, and is passionate about creating an environment that welcomes everyone. In what little spare time she has, Courtney has established a community hub at her salon where once a week young people can attend a social gaming group that promotes confidence and positive well being in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Courtney says “Hey, I’m Courtney! I am honoured to now be a trustee for the amazing charity that is Spectrum Holidays! Since finding out about all the wonderful opportunities they provide for families I have been eager to do my bit to help others. I thrive on making people happy and I am the owner of an all inclusive, mental health friendly hair salon (All That Sass Hair) for around 3 years now and would like to think that my passion and creativity will provide the charity with a different outlook”

Carli Black – Trustee

Carli has been a supporter of Spectrum Holidays since we launched back in 2020 and has been a fantastic source of knowledge for us in the last few years. Carli says “Hi I’m Carli. I’m a mum to two children, one who has additional needs. I have visited Spectrum holidays with my family in the past and found it so inclusive. We had the best time, and the services that were offered made our holiday such an enjoyable one with much of the stress and anxiety removed. Therefore when I was asked to be a trustee I jumped at the chance! To know we will be able to help so many families make amazing memories is super exciting!”

Christine Stephenson – Advisor

Many of you may recognise Christine from her fantastic blog “The Life Of Reilly” as well as being co founder of the charity, North East Hearts With Goals. Christine is one of the first people we consult when looking to add to the services we offer at Spectrum Holidays. Christine has so much knowledge and experience that we were delighted when she agreed to join us as a non voting member of the board to help us to shape the services we offer moving forward as a charity. Christine says “As a passionate advocate for special needs families, I am thrilled to be serving as an advisor to Spectrum Holidays. This organisation provides holidays for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and their families, offering them the opportunity to create precious memories together. As a mother of a child with non-verbal autism, I understand firsthand the unique challenges that come with planning a holiday that accommodates the needs of a child with special needs. I am committed to providing guidance to Spectrum Holidays to ensure that their holiday offerings are not only accessible and inclusive but also create an environment where families can relax and enjoy their time together. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with an organisation that shares my passion for advocating for families with special needs children and I am excited to help them in their mission to create unforgettable holiday experiences”